Charlotte always told herself that whenever she felt someone watching her, that she was simply nervous. She would turn around and there would be nothing, but still the feeling was always enough to send her running to her destination.

One day, when Charlotte was walking down the sidewalk to her subdivision, she got what she termed her “typical paranoid delusion.” It was also then that, in her moment of lapsed concentration, she tripped over something. Despite the fact that she feared stopping, she picked up the object and looked at it. It was a side-view mirror from a car, obviously lost in a wreck. She knew the road there was dangerous.

Then, Charlotte gasped. In the mirror, she saw a figure standing a few feet back. Its face was human, but warped. Its arms were outstretched; the nails of its fingers were long and twisted. Then Charlotte shrieked in horror.


Credited to ClericofMadness 

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