These sites are places where it is assumed that you can definitively gain stories to post here as long as the authors are properly credited. This page has been protected as to prevent editing by anyone who is not an Administrator due to any proposed sources needing confirmed by an administrator beforehand. Stories may be reposted from other sites not included in this list; however, it is the responsibility of the poster to ensure they are not violating licenses or copyrights by reposting the stories here. It is also the responsibility of the poster to ensure they are not violating the Terms of Use or Privacy Policies for any websites they should repost from by reposting them here.

The reason for this list is to prevent violations of copyright that could be held against administrators on this wiki while still promoting the archival structure and ability to accept reposted stories based on quality, rather than licensing. These are simply the confirmed sites that may be used as sources to find fictional stories of some quality for reposting.

Confirmed Sites

General Rule Reminder

  1. Reposted stories MUST have the original author credited.
  2. If in the Public Domain, the site where the story was obtained also needs to be credited in some way.
  3. Neither of these rules apply to the original author of the work, obviously, as their work, regardless of the original site it was posted to, is their work. However, if suspected of plagiarism, the poster will be asked to present proof of ownership.

Proposing Sources

If you believe that a website could be counted as a definitive source, please leave a link to the site and an explanation on an Administrator's Message Wall. The administrator will examine the licensing and privacy policies of the proposed site and add it to the list.

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