Blog Rules

Blogs are notEdit

  • Blogs aren't articles.
    • Do not post full stories as a blog post.
    • Do not categorize blogs. Blogs are already categorized with their own category as soon as you create them. The only exception to this is if you are a staff member making an announcement that needs to be noticed but is not appropriate for the forums.
  • Blogs aren't simple sentences like "Hi." Those are spam blogs, and they will be treated like a spam page.
  • Blogs are not a place for you to earn a free badge. Doing so will get you blocked for three days.
  • Blogs are not a place for you to ask ideas or review. Do that on your own time.

Blogs areEdit

  • A way to ask something of the community, such as opinions on a story idea, how someone feels about an issue that may or may not relate to the site's content, or for asking people to vote on a matter.
  • A way to introduce yourself. Tell us about you! This introduction should be longer than three sentences or it will be deleted and you will be banned from editing for three days. Do not attempt to circumvent the spam blog rules by adding pointless sentences. The admin are not idiots.
  • For sharing experiences.

Blog CommentingEdit

  • Do not comment on a blog for the sakes of it. You will be blocked for three days.
  • Do not comment on a blog just so you can get a badge.
  • If you do happen to see a spam blog notify an admin via talk page or chat. Do not state the obvious in the comments. That is frowned upon.
  • Do not dogpile on a blog. If the question has been answered and the person gets it, there is no reason to tear the person more. Always read the comments of a blog to see if someone already posted what you're going to say. If you have nothing to add, then let it be.

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