Octavia was nervous. Like, super nervous. She waddled along, feeling foalish and infantile as she was led along by the hoof by her best friend. A best friend who she suspected she was going to be calling something very different from now on. A best friend who was taking her to get her wet diaper changed. She blushed at the thought. Vinyl was going to change her wet diaper. She kept thinking that sentence over and over. She found herself liking it more with each repetition. Looking back at her friend turned foal Vinyl couldn’t help grinning. She could tell Octy was warming up to this, if the way she had wet her diaper hadn’t been a big enough sign.

“First, here’s something I prepared earlier.” A bottle came floating out of the kitchen in Vinyl’s magic and she grinned, replacing the pacifier with the bottle and using her magic to keep it in. “A little drink before bed.”

Suckling on the milk, Octavia smiled hesitantly.

“I’m gonna change your diaper now, and then it’s bedtime. You already go to sleep around now, and foals need plenty of napping,” Vinyl told her.

Octavia nodded, nursing her the nipple of the bottle as she as led to her room. It was comforting and reassuring to her. Keeping that in her mouth helped her come to terms with the sudden change, slowly suckling down milk. She was left standing in the middle of the floor for a few seconds while Vinyl retrieved the large plastic changing mat.

The unicorn laid it out and patted it. “All right Octy, on the mat for mommy.”

The ‘mommy’ made Octavia blush again but she did as she was told.

“Good girl.” When Vinyl said that she blushed again, feeling magic undoing the bottom of her onesie and peeling it up to expose her frilly plastic pants. “Off comes the protection...”

Vinyl’s magic tugged the crinkling plastic down, leaving the sodden cloth diaper to sag. They slipped down her legs until they came off. It was obvious that Vinyl had been planning on this, or hoping at least, since she had foal wipes ready to go once she had the diaper unpinned.

“Whoa, that is one soaked diaper.” she said with a chuckle, getting a whole new blush from Octy. “But nothing mommy isn’t prepared to deal with.”

The assurance helped and Octavia smiled at her shyly. They seemed to push things a bit further, going from a dry diaper change to her actually wetting one. The chance to call somepony ‘mommy’, somepony she lo- trusted with everything.

Although she remembered a moment later that Vinyl found her out by violating her privacy. The touch of a cold wipe on her lower area surprised the distracted mare and she eeped at the chilly touch. She kicked her back legs to get the cold away.

Vinyl laughed again, light and happy. “Calm down Octy, it’s just the wipe. Won’t take long, but can’t have you getting a rash.” She snickered. “Hah, I would love to see how you explained having a diaper rash to your band. Oh, fine. you’re still a huffy little foal. Nearly done.” She said when she saw the sour pout.

A few seconds later Octavia broke her pout and giggled. “Gotcha.” she laughed, her fake pout gone.

Vinyl blinked. ‘Did Octy just make a joke? Play a trick?’ She asked herself. She began to laugh again as well when she realised yes, Octy had played a little trick on her.

“What a smart foal.” She said through her laughter, reaching down to Octavia’s stomach. She glanced at Octy’s face, wondering if she could just touch her like that. All she intended to do was rub her stomach a bit, and compared to changing a diaper it didn’t seem much.

With a happy nod from Octavia, the DJ gave her a rub and to both their surprise lowered her head to blow a raspberry on it. This prompted a chorus of giggling and squealing from the normally dignified mare. That dignity she tried to hold on to was slipping away faster and faster but she just didn’t care.

As she was sent into hysterics by the raspberry Octavia felt free, more than she had in a long time. She loved just how openly she was able to laugh. She could laugh openly most of the time, but she was always doing it in a restrained, controlled way. Control was what being sophisticated was all about. Half of her job was looking fancy and completely in control. Her instrument required more finesse and control than most ponies needed, being an earth pony. She had wondered before if part of that was why she fantasized about being looked after.

She was distracted by the wipes touching her again, wiping away the last of the urine that had dampened her coat. She blushed as she realised exactly what Vinyl could see from this position.

Vinyl grinned down at her, loving the way Octy squirmed as the old diaper was pulled away.

“And up go your legs.” Vinyl gently nudged Octy’s legs up, the earth pony mare doing most of the work with that. The soaked diaper was completely freed and, lifted by Vinyl’s magic, a new one replaced it. It was just as thick as the last.

The foal powder floated over and Vinyl began to cover Octavia thoroughly, enjoying it every time her big foal squirmed at the strange feeling of being diapered again.

“V-Vinyl...” Octavia began, stuttering slightly.

Her pacifier floated over and she took it into her mouth almost without thinking.

“That’s ‘mommy’ to you Octy,” Vinyl told her off gently. “At least when you’re being changed. Or doing something foalish. Outside, and when we’re just hangin’, you can call me Vinyl. But right now it’s mommy, ya got that?”

Octavia nodded, eyes wide. Vinyl really meant it. She really, really meant it!

“Or momma. Mama. Ma. Any of those,” Vinyl went on as she finished powdering Octavia. That done she began to do the diaper up, pinning the thick cloth on with her plastic pants wrapping it in crinkling protection. The onesie was refastened and Vinyl helped Octavia up. “Right, bedtime. I know you like to get to bed on time. Come on, up ya get.”

With Vinyl prodding her Octavia climbed into bed, blushing when Vinyl pulled the sheets back for her and began to tuck her in. It was making her feel very odd. She hadn’t been tucked by somepony in....

‘Wait, have I ever been tucked in?’ She wondered as white hooves pulled the bed sheet tight around her. Eventually she realized Vinyl was looking at her, somewhat uncertainly, so she smiled.

Vinyl smiled back. “Tucked in by mama. Bet you love that. Sleep well Octy, mama will wake you up in the morning.” Vinyl leaned forward, hesitated for a moment, then kissed Octavia gently on the forehead. The now empty bottle was replaced by one of pacifier and Octavia worked it automatically. Both mares blushed as Vinyl drew back. “Night Octy.”

Just as she flipped the light switched and stepped through the door, Vinyl stopped at Octavia’s quiet call.

“Good night...mama.”

Vinyl waited a moment, turning so the light would show her face. She gave Octavia a grin and stepped out, closing the door behind her.

Both mares let out great sighs at the same time, and both kept on smiling until they fell asleep.

Octavia was certain she would be up late into the night, warm and comfortable as she was snuggling down in her bed, her onesie tightly covering her and bed sheets tucked in around her.

She was surprised when she woke up the next morning. She could not remember falling asleep, but judging by how well she slept she must have drifted off almost immediately. Yawning, Octavia turned over, idly remembering Vinyl’s promise to wake her up. Her pacifier had stayed put throughout the night, gently suckled on by the happy mare.

Her clock, analogue of course, ticked in front of her.

‘How odd, that clock almost looks like it says ten to eleven in the morning.’ She knew that could not be right. After all, she always got up at eight in the morning, cooked herself a nutritious if somewhat boring breakfast, woke up Vinyl, had a shower, woke up Vinyl, prepared her appearance, as was befitting when going into dignified company and woken up Vinyl the final time before leaving at half past ten. There was no way she could have slept in until ten to eleven.

Octavia stared at the clock, her smile slowly dying until her mouth was flat and her pacifier went still. She blinked, trying to clear her vision. The clock remained stubbornly at ten- no, nine to eleven.

The warmth and pleasantness of her waking slowly drained away, replaced by growing horror.

This was replaced by embarrassment when the first thing she thought was;

‘Mama didn’t wake me.’

Octavia blushed, immediately telling herself to stop that. It was all well and good for Vinyl to tell her to call her that, but after a night to think things through Vinyl was doubtless going to have realized how silly an idea this was and the whole thing would be-

“Mornin’ Octy! Mama’s got breakfast all ready to go!” Vinyl barged through the door, grinning. She still looked tired, probably since she was up before midday, but she was cheerful. “Come on, up ya get.”

“Vi-” Octavia began to say, staring at the unicorn as she drew back the covers.


The earth pony mare jerked, cutting herself off, at the gentle boop on the nose from Vinyl.

“That’s mama to you.” Vinyl grinned. “You get a few chances today Octy, but you better learn when to call me that or my wittle musician is gonna have a red plot to show off at band practice.

“Weheawsaw.” Octavia mumbled around the smaller pacifier. She blushed and took a deep breath “...Mama, I hab weheawsaw in an houw!”

Vinyl grinned at getting Octy to call her that again. “Good girl, no spankies today!” She cheered. “Don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of time. I made breakfast this morning. Try not to be too impressed.” She said modestly.

Octavia found herself...calm. She was totally, utterly, calm. She was not sure why. Letting Vinyl pull her out of bed, Octavia had started to think about how strangely reassuring it was when she called VInyl ‘mama’ when she realized something important.

She had to pee. Crossing her back legs Octavia looked at Vinyl pleading. Cheeks red, she suckld on her pacifier to build up the courage she needed to say it.

“Mama...I needa...needa go peepee.” Saying such a foalish thing was a little shocking. She had played around with saying things like that to her reflection before but never to another pony.

As happy as she was to hear that Vinyl just smirked at Octy. “So?”

“So....” Octavia stared at her in confusion for a few seconds until she finally realised what she meant. Her cheeks went red. “Vinyw! Uh, I mean, mama, wo wan’ me ta my diapuh?” Octavia lisped around her pacifier, frowning - pouting - at how hard it was to talk. “Can I habe an smawwer paci?”

Vinyl levitated one of the smaller bulbed pacifiers up in front of Octavia. “Hmmmm.....” She rubbed her chin with a hoof thoughtfully. “When little Octy goes peepee in her diapees, then I’ll let you have a smaller pacifier.”

Looking at her friend it was clear she was not going to back down and Octavia was fully aware of how determined she would be to see it through. Still, even after last night it was hard for her to just go ahead with it again.

Face scrunching up, Octavia closed her eyes and just...let go. Her diaper drunk her liquid waste thirstily until it was turning yellow as she continued to let out all of the bottle from the night before.

Her diaper was wet. The classical musician’s cheeks went red and she sucked on her pacifier like she was taking calming breaths. Peering at Octy over the top of her sunglasses Vinyl realized what it was as well and grinned.

“Your diaper is wet, isn’t it? Oh, good girl Octy, good girl.” She gently led Octavia around to the plastic diaper mat laid out on the floor next to the bed and pushed her onto it. “Your changing mat is staying right there, unless we have guests.” Vinyl said, getting to work.

Octavia didn’t say anything, still blushing and meek from wetting her diaper in front of Vinyl for a second time, while her onesie was opened among the frilly-rear and her diaper unpinned. The fact Vinyl praised her for it made it even more embarrassing. Being called ‘good girl’ by Vinyl should not make her giddy with excitement.

Vinyl removed the crinkling diaper-cover, followed by the diaper, and began to clean her up, using wipes to clean away most of the urine that got on her coat. She removed the onesie next, to Octavia’s unhappiness. She let out a whine of protest, blushing and covering her mouth the moment she made the wordless, foalish sound. The DJ just laughed.

“Sorry babe, as you reminded me so angrily you have band practice to get to. Mommy’s little musician needs to keep up with practice, so you go have a shower and I’ll finish breakfast. Then I’ll show you how to get from one end of Canterlot to the other in less time than it takes you change your diaper.” Vinyl grinned, replacing Octavia’s larger pacifier with a smaller one.

The classical mare suckled on it, pouting slightly but nodding in agreement as she headed to have a shower. She slipped into the bathroom and hurried into the shower, the sound of water cascading over her soon filling the flat. Vinyl whistled as she put away the foal things and went back to the kitchen.

When Octavia emerged from the shower she could smell the pancakes, the scent filling their apartment. She would never admit it but Vinyl made delicious pancakes. She credited herself somewhat with that, since without her badgering Vinyl would never have taken that cooking course and would probably still be leaving on vacuum packaged and canned foods. When she wasn’t eating horrible greasy fast food that is.

Pacifier bobbing in her mouth Octavia trotted out to the ktichen just in time to see Vinyl lay the plate of steaming, syrup covered pancakes in the table. She glanced at the clock almost as an afterthought. Not long had passed and she knew she should be panicking. Even if Vinyl had promised to get her there on time. Especially so. Vinyl followed through on her promises, unless she forgot, but not always in a conventional way. For all Octavia knew, Vinyl was going to try to use a time machine. She’d probably break space-time, knowing her, and everypony would have two heads and fifteen hooves.

Removing her pacifier Octavia realized quite unhappily the problem. “I’ll need another shower.” She grumbled, shooting a look at Vinyl. “You should know how messy eating pancakes with all this syrup would be for an earth po...wait, you do know...”

Vinyl answered with a grin, levitating a bib up on one side and knife and fork on the other. “It’ll be faster this way.” She said, rubbing her forehooves together at how her plan had gone. The bib wrapped around Octavia’s neck before the earth pony mare could reply.

“Oh, very well.” Octavia sighed loudly, to make her annoyance clear, as the magically levitated cutlery began to slice up her pancakes. That annoyance didn’t extend to not opening her mouth widely to be feed, blushing cutely when the first slice was slipped in.

It was quite the effort of Vinyl not to openly giggle at Octy’s easy acceptance of being fed. Unfortunately she couldn’t make this go for as long as she wanted, slightly rushing through the meal. Only a bit of syrup got on Octavia or her bib, which Vinyl whisked away once they were done. She let Octavia clean herself off.

“So...Vinyl, how do you propose to get me to my rehearsal in fifteen minutes?” Octavia asked, frowning. She wanted to trust Vinyl, but, well, she was....Vinyl.

Vinyl opened the door, backing out as Octavia trotted out with her large instrument on her back. “Just me Octy, you won’t even have the words to describe how awesome it’ll be.”


Fourteen minutes later, a frazzled Octavia trotted into the room reserved for her quartet. She refused to answer what was wrong, simply vowing ‘never again, never again’.


Vinyl Scratch whistled, flipping through the magazine she had. It was a local mall’s weekly catalogue, one of the larger shopping complexes. Rather than electronics, fizzy drinks or anything she usually checked it for, she had turned to the foal section. Not for actual purchases so much as ideas.

“Finally made passionate love to your roommate and thinking about starting a family, right?”

She yelped, nearly knocking over her drink. Catching it with magic she glared at the pony who had surprised her. “First off; what are you talking about? Second; what are you talking about?”

“You’re looking at the foal section of the catalogue. I mean, I am a bit confused about how you managed to knock her up without a wang, but I guess you’re just that good. Or did she knock you up?” The pony, responsible for the wiring at the club she worked at most frequently, laughed as he was warded off by a banishing wave of a rolled up catalogue.

Grumbling to herself Vinyl gave it another look. Yeah, there were a few good ideas in there. Now she just had to find them in a larger size. She grinned as she left the empty club, whistling a tune most ponies needed electronic assistance to make. She was pretty sure where to start looking. Octavia was pretty anal about stuff like receipts, and it wasn’t like she hadn’t invaded her privacy already. How much harm could doing it again do?


Octavia gulped, staring at the door to her own home. Their shared apartment was not, in general, a door she hesitated to open much. When there was painfully loud music she in fact usually entered it at a gallop, growling and preparing to shout at Vinyl for violating the local noise pollution ordinance.

But here she was, gulping. After a few seconds of hesitance, she sighed and used her key. She hadn’t been at her best today, understandably distracted by the events of last night and the morning. Her bandm- ensemble had asked her a few times if she was having trouble sleeping. As bad as she felt for lying to them it was that or tell them the truth. As good friends as they were she wasn’t about to tell them her best friend and roommate had changed her wet diaper.

She briefly entertained the image of the look on their faces if she did but suppressed it. She was not Vinyl, doing things on a whim and...

She stopped thinking, freezing mid-step as a grinning Vinyl appeared in front as if she had summoned her by thinking her name too loudly.

They stayed like that, staring in each other’s others for a few seconds.

“Heeeeeeeeey Octy....” Vinyl’s grin carried into her voice. Her shades were pushed up, exposing her eyes and all the eager glow in them. “Guess what I found?”

“Your common sense?” Octavia’s mouth answered for her. “Oh, silly me, its been years since you lost it.”

Vinyl was not one to be put off by snark. She laughed. “Nope! I found your receipts!”

“...” Octavia looked at her quietly. “Did you invade my privacy again?” She asked.

“A bit.” The DJ admitted with a sheepish smile. “Hey, its worked out so well the first time I didn’t think it would do any harm. And look, now I know where you got all that stuff, and we can go get more. It's saturday tomorrow.”

Sighing, Octavia carried her instrument case to her room, trying her best to ignore Vinyl’s pestering. She had made sure not to forget anything this time, and had fortunately managed to avoid running into Lyra. It was only a matter of time, but she was happy to make that time far, far into the future if she could manage it.

Vinyl trotted along behind her, practically bouncing. “You need to learn how to hide things better, I found those receipts after only like ten minutes of looking!”

“Yes, I will do my best to remember to conceal receipts of purchase in my own room, just in case anypony else decides to violate my privacy.” Octavia said icily, biting back a sigh. “Why are you so excited about my receipts anyway? I am positive purchases of new bow strings is not that interesting to you.”

They entered her room and she did her best not to look at any of the places her adult foal items were hiding, just out of sight. No need to look too eager, after all. Fortunately she very, very rarely had others over, so there was little fear of them being found.

Vinyl still caught the way Octavia’s head turned slightly, guessing what she was looking at. “Well, a receipt for the, ahem, All-Ages Nursery Store kind of suggests its where you got your favorite underwear.”

Octavia stopped what she was doing. She sighed. “Where did you find that?” She asked wearily. “I ripped up all the receipts from there, just in case they were ever found.”

“Wow, that’s kinda paranoid.”

“Its almost like my roommate lacks a sense of personal boundaries, isn’t it?”

Vinyl laughed. “No, I have a sense of them. Just not a very good one.” She said cheerfully.

“Oh of course.” Octavia grumbled. She stood there, her bowtie removed, not saying anything. Vinyl was just as silent, grinning at her.

About a minute passed in silence.

“’re going to make me ask, aren’t you?”


Octavia sighed, feeling her odd nervousness return. It was like stage-fright, which she had gotten over a long, long time ago. She knew Vinyl was fine with it, she had made it clear she was more than just fine with it, but some frightened little corner of Octavia was afraid that if she asked, Vinyl would say no.

“Vinyl, can you....can you diaper me?” She asked, cheeks glowing red through her grey fur.

Vinyl didn’t seem to hear. She cleaned out one of her ears. “I think I almost heard something there, but it didn’t sound like my little Octy asking for her diapee.” She teased.

Her blush intensifying, Octavia understood what Vinyl wanted. “M-Mama...” She squeaked “C-can I have m-my diapee?”

White hooves pulled her into a hug. “Sure thing! All you had to do was ask.” Vinyl answered, her horn lighting up and rapidly pulling out the changing mat. She gently nudged Octavia onto it and began to bring out the rest of the supplies. A thick diaper was slipped under her, grey legs lifted up and powdered before settling back on the comfy layers of cloth. Humming as she worked Vinyl took the time to thoroughly powder her foal, making sure not only that she was covered properly where her diaper would go but also that she would smell like foal powder. Octavia knew what Vinyl was doing, but kept silent. She did open her mouth to protest, but hesitated and closed it.

Her pacifier was her reward, one of the smaller ones that wouldn’t impede her speech. Octavia suckled on it as Vinyl put away the powder and began to fold the diaper up, tugging her tail through and pinning the diaper firmly in place. The same crinkling plastic pants slipped up her legs next, the cold plastic sending a shiver through the earth pony mare.

“Sssh.” Vinyl murmured softly, patting her tummy. “You’ll be all warm and cosy in just a sec, promise.”

The pacifier suckling mare just nodded. A onesie was brought out, but not the one she had worn last night. This one was white with purple trim accented it, made with rather more lace and frills. The shoulders were puffed up balls, short sleeve orbs trimmed with purple lace that matched her eyes and cutie mark. Around her neck a sewn-in bib covered her chest, a square of shiny satin lined with musical notes embroidered along it. Four rings of the same purple lace circled around her back and front, a final tuft of lace around the hole hugging her tail.

Octavia started to get up but Vinyl pushed her back down before she was halfway up. “Uh uh uh.” She warned, shaking her hoof at Octavia with a smirk. “Mama ain’t done yet Octy. Sit down until I’m done.”

She obeyed, cheeks red at how she just complied without thinking about it. A meek “yes mama” was all she said.

Vinyl’s smirk became a smile when Octy called her that. “Good girl.” She patted her foal’s diaper, horn glowing. Four little matching booties floated over and a bonnet. “I don’t know where you got this stuff - oh, right, I do! Haha, I forgot. Got caught up dressin’ my little filly.”

Hearing Vinyl coo, especially towards her, was new and odd to Octavia but she found that she liked it. It was uncomfortably close to being talked down to, which she utterly couldn’t stand, but Octavia would be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy it when Vinyl spoke to her like she really was a little filly in her thick foal’s diaper.

Being so casually addressed by Vinyl as hers made her heart warm up. It wasn’t romantic, as far as she could tell, but she loved it nonetheless. She was Vinyl’s little filly and she liked that. It made Octy smile.

She blinked, realizing she had missed a lot of something Vinyl was going on about.

“-so tomorrow, we’ll swing by so I can have a look and decide on what else you need.” Vinyl was saying, her attention on the last of the booties she was tying on. The bonnet floated up, laces slipping under Octy’s chin and tying into a tight but not uncomfortable knot.

The grown foal didn’t have to look to know the knot was tighter than any she could undo even if she could have gotten at it. Like the booties, her bonnet would need Vinyl to take off. She suckled, her shy smile growing.

If she was Vinyl’s little filly, than meant Vinyl was her mommy.

Her mommy’s hoof tightly smacked against her diaper to get her attention. Vinyl grinned and pulled her up, settling her overgrown foal onto all fours again.

“Spacing out? Yeah, I guess I am pretty awesome.” She said modestly, laughing. To her surprise, soft giggling joined her. “Well well well, looks like my little girl can giggle after all. And here I thought the stork dropped you off without a sense of humor.”

Giggling gently, Octavia’s smile grew. She relax, going from her normal tense, high-strung stance to something more lazy. Foals didn’t need to walk like a proper mare. Foals only had to waddle, and sometimes not even that! That secret delight she got from rebelling against her prim and proper upbringing began to bubble up and as she waddled a few steps, throwing her bootied hooves around Vinyl’s neck.

“Fanks mama.” She lisped, this time by choice rather than because of a big pacifier.

The unicorn was surprised by the sudden hug but hid it well, throwing her own around Octavia. She stroked the lenght of the black mane that wasn’t covered by the bonnet.

“Hey, only the best for my foal.”

Octy’s hug got tighter and they stayed like that until a loud grumble ruined the peace and quiet.

Vinyl pulled back slightly, giving Octavia an amused look. She knew she hadn’t done it herself, so it just left the now blushing earth pony filly in front of her.

“Sounds like Octy is hungry.” Vinyl cooed, rubbing a hoof against the big foal’s tummy through her onesie. “Octy want yum-yums to fill her belly?”

The delightfully childish way her friend....her mama was talking to her just made Octavia giggle uncharacteristically through her blush. She nodded, holding out a hoof expectantly.

Bemused, Vinyl took it and turned, leading her foal out to the kitchen. It was slow going in the thick diaper and the booties which reduced her traction somewhat. They forced Octavia to make slower, more careful steps with some of her weight balanced on the hoof being held by Vinyl. The end result was Octy waddling along like a foal learning to walk, her hoof held the whole way by her mommy as she took wobbly steps.

“Almost there.” Vinyl promised her, the wood-polished timber floor that went from the front door in a straight line down the hall which their rooms and the open, carpeted lounge room all surrounded. “Come on Octy, nearly to the carpet, it’ll be much easier there.”

Being led along by a pony whose posture she had been openly criticizing since they met, each step treated like it was an achievement she should be proud of rather than something perfectly normal, did nothing to diminish Octavia’s delight. In fact it made her enjoy it more. Right now she didn’t feel like Octavia, perfect paragon of manners and propriety. She felt like Octy, Vinyl’s waddling little foal who needed her mommy to help her walk down the hall without tripping.

“Theeeere we go.” Vinyl eased her onto the carpet and gave her a wide, proud smile as she took her first waddling steps off the hall’s polished hardwood floor. She gently patted Octy’s padded rear, enjoying the feeling of the thick padding around her friend’s rear-end. The way Octy squeaked when she did it was adorable.

Adorable. She hadn’t used that word much until this whole thing came out. Now she couldn’t go two seconds without thinking about how cute or adorable Octavia was. It was impossible not to. For a mare who preferred to keep things cool, awesome or radical she was getting used to a lot of cuteness. She had never been a mother before, to a real foal or a bigger than normal one, but she was feeling more like one than she had in her life. It was comfortable to think of Octy as her foal, as her little filly. Because she was.

She smiled at the big foal, who was getting her big diaper on the floor with her back legs spread limply and her fore hooves resting on the ground without much weight to them. Octy smiled back, her pacifier constantly moving as she suckled on it.

“You’re pretty good at that Octy. Waddling along like a happy lil’ foal. Whose mommy’s little waddler?” Vinyl sat next to her, one hoof stroking mane and the other giving the front of her diaper and affectionate rub.

Blushing bright, Octy spoke up in a foalish lisp. “M-me mama!” That waddle had released her and now she felt nothing keeping her from acting the way she really, deep down, wanted to. “‘m mama’s widdle wad-dal-ah!”

Vinyl chuckled at the way her big foal carefully pronounced the word, as though she was unsure how to say it properly and doing her best to copy her mommy. “Yes woo are.” She cooed, shifting the bonnet to plant a brief motherly peck on Octy’s forehead. “And your mama is very proud of you.”

With a giggle, Octy pressed her bootied forehooves to her blushing cheeks and looked away. “F-fank woo mama.” She lisped shyly.

A smile tugged at Vinyl’s lips as she heard her normally carefully enunciating friend lisping. But really, this wasn’t her normally carefully enunciating friend lisping. It was her cute, helpless little foal rocking back and forth on her diaper with a wide smile on her face, framed by a soft purple lace. Her friend had gotten home for the day and retired, leaving just Vinyl and her foal.

“Maybe one day, you can walk all the way on your own. Maybe. But not for a very, very long time.” She told the filly as she took her hoof again and pulled Octy over to the square blanket, toys laid out around it. “Mama is gonna get some din-dins ready, so you be a good little girl and play here, okay?”

Octy nodded, looking at the selection of toys. Her entire world was framed by lace and maybe that was why the lacy, frilly dolly was the first toy she picked up. She plopped down, binkie bobbing in her mouth as she began to play, frilly hooves bouncing the doll along.

Vinyl stopped at the open entrance to the kitchen, her smile soft and warm, not like her usual wild grins and smirks. It was certainly not her perfectly poised flatmate slouching on the blanket over there, surrounded by stuffed toys and blocks. It was her wonderful, cute filly. Of course, if she was Octy’s mama, that made the earth pony filly her daughter.

Humming a song she didn’t realize was a nursery rhyme, Vinyl began to get dinner together. She hadn’t given it much thought before now, but she was confident she could get something together. Checking on Octy every five minutes, and deciding to get a set of foal monitors as soon as she could, Vinyl proved that just because she was a mad-house rocking DJ didn’t meant she couldn’t cook.

It was pasta again, but with some more vegetables thrown in so she thought it counted as a different meal. Now she was going to need something way better to make up for it tomorrow night, but she would cross that bridge when she came to it.

Octy was engaged in a very important game of ‘making Miss Frilly dance’ when her mommy interrupted, saying her din-dins were ready and her doll had to stay out here or she might get messy.

To Vinyl’s surprise, Octy protested. She made a loud whine, not moving from her spot and hugging her doll.

“Dun’ wanna weave her.” Octy announced with a pout. “Get wonwey.”

“I’ll be at the table with you Octy.” Vinyl pointed out.

Octy shook her head. “No, she be wonwey.” She said, holding up the toy.

Giggling slightly and trying to sound authoritative anyway, Vinyl gave in to the cute foal’s expression. “Okay, but she has to sit on the table where I put her so she stays clean. Will that make you happy?”

Apparently it did and Vinyl led her filly to the kitchen, wondering at how dedicated Octavia was to being like a foal. It was astonishing how easily she was slipping into the role, acting it out without actually really acting.

On the inside, Octavia was squirming and blushing in both thrill and embarrassment. She was being so very childish and she loved it. It was just so easy to do, without even thinking about it. She beamed as a bib was tied around her neck and the first fork of pasta was levitated up to her. Mouth wide open, some still managed to get smeared on her cheek and lips. She didn’t mind, not even when some got on her nose. It just made her giggle.

“Open wide, here comes the Friendship Express.” Feeding herself as she fed her foal, Vinyl relaxed and enjoyed the simple meal. Getting the food into Octy’s mouth when the filly seemed intent on trying to lean forward and get it when she least expected it, throwing them both off and risking a mess, just made it more interesting.

But the meal was eventually done and Vinyl had to wipe Octy’s face clean with her bib, removing it and ushering the big foal back into the lounge room with her dolly.

“Mama!” Octy cried not half a minute after she had been left there. Vinyl’s head came through the kitchen door. “Watch me make Miff Fwiwwy dance!”

“Mama’s gotta clean up, then I’ll watch you play.” She promised, suppressing her amusement. Pulling her head back in, Vinyl sighed but smiled. Looking after Octy was requiring more effort than she put into most things aside from her music. After another few minutes, and a whine from Octy, Vinyl was done and she trotted out. Vinyl patted her on the head and got on the couch. It gave her a height difference that pleased Octavia’s desire for foalishness and the earth pony filly began to show her mama how her doll could dance.

It was one of the cutest thing Vinyl had seen and she was worried she might somehow get some sort of magical cuteness overdose. There had just been so much. If cuteness could be weaponized, Octy would be a deadly.

When the show was done Vinyl gave her a loud clap, hooves knocking together.

“Mama’s little girl is quite the talent filly, ain’t she?” Vinyl got off the couch and gave Octy a hard hug. “I think we’ll get you another dolly tomorrow when we visit this store of yours. How’s that sound?”

Octy nodded her eager agreement, hugging her mama. “Gweat!”

“Awesome.” Releasing the overgrown foal, Vinyl left her to play for a minute. She came back with a book. Octavia noticed this oddity and watched Vinyl as she lay on the couch, book spread out in front of her.

After a minute of feeling like she was being stared at, Vinyl looked up. She could tell what her friend was wondering.

Vinyl sighed. “Oh come on, its not that weird to see me reading a book!”

Octavia said nothing, just looking at her.

“....fine, yeah, shut up.” Vinyl grumbled. It was unfair that even dressed like a foal with a thick diaper on her butt and a doll in her hoof, Octavia could give those looks. “I’ve been reading it before bed in my room, okay? I was kinda embarrassed to be reading such a trashy, ugh, romance novel like this and didn’t want you to see.”

The diapered mare binked, clearly not expecting that answer. She focused on the book. It was a romance novel, of a rather mushy sort if she remembered right, and her surprise grew. Vinyl liked reading books like that?!

The DJ chuckled. “Yeah, I know. Totally didn’t expect it, did ya? Well, more to this mare than meets the eye. I figured if you could sit in a diaper and play with foal toys in front of me, I could read a mushy romance novel in front of you.” She explained.

Octavia nodded slowly, smiled without saying anything, and just like that Octy was playing with her toys again. Watching her filly for a few more seconds, Vinyl eventually went back to her book. The clock ticked, time passed as they enjoyed a simple, pleasant evening.

Yawning, Octy was glancing at the clock and worried mama would forget her bedtime (even if it was a friday night) when the first feeling hit her. The first strong feeling, since she had been ignoring the grumbles and rumbles in her gut for at least the past hour as she played. Now she felt it really hitting her. Octy hunched over, trying to hold it in as the pressure began to grow. She kept herself from making any noises, focusing on containing her suddenly unignorable bowels.

Vinyl looked up quickly once she realised Octy had stopped moving. When she saw her big filly hunched over she was off the couch and gently lifting Octy’s head up to look at her in seconds.

“Octy, what’s wrong?!” She asked, eyes darting around as she tried to figure out the problem. “You’re not sick are you? Stomach ache? Cramps? Hemorrhoids?”

Octavia gave Vinyl a dry glare for a moment at the last one. Octy shook her head. “N-no mama.”

Vinyl gulped, worried she had done something wrong on the second night. First, if you didn’t count the night before. “Okay, so, none of those. What’s wrong then?”

A gassy release, just hearble by Vinyl through the thick padding, told her.

Octy said it anyway, blushing brightly. “Mama, g-gotta go poopy.” She squirmed, trying to get up. With a squeak she went back down, feeling her control slip. She really shouldn’t have ignored it all night until now.

It was fairly obvious why Octy was staying put, and Vinyl gulped. She had been hoping to avoid this, but one look at the grey mare’s face told her she had to do something. She could see the fear in Octavia’s eyes as the mare sniffled. Surely this, surely a messy diaper was beyond Vinyl’s limits. It was disgusting, wrong, foul-

Vinyl patted her on the shoulder. “Sssh, its okay Octy, mama’s here. Just...let go, and I’ll clean you up clean.” She promised gently, reaching down to rub the back of her play-daughter’s diaper.

Sniffling slightly, looking at her disbelievingly, Octavia opened her mouth. A white hoof nudged her binkie back in as it started to fall out, silencing her before she started.

“I said I’m here.” She repeated, her other hoof still making a circling motion on the back of the thick diaper, pressing against it through the onesie. “I’ll deal with it, I promise. All you gotta do is trust me.”

Gulping, Octy nodded and stopped trying to hold it in. Once she did, it was actually slightly hard to get it out and she lifted her rear up into the air. She shuddered, gassy fart sounds coming from her diaper as she filled it with the mess two nights of pasta had given her. Her cheeks were even redder than ever and Octy looked down, staring at her bulging rear. She shuddered again, feeling the warmth of her messy against her rear. At least her weight wasn’t mashing it against her, and when Vinyl gently helped her up the unicorn made sure to keep her from tipping onto her butt.

They walked back towards Octavia’s room, and this time they were truly very careful. Octy waddled along, sniffling as her mother held her steady and kept from falling on her messy behind. Vinyl knew tears would result if that happened and she couldn’t stand to see her little girl crying. She cooed and murmured reassurances, her attention never wavering from Octy as the big foal waddled carefully along.

Just as they reached the door Octy put her hoof down with just the wrong weight behind it and she slipped. A whimper escaped her pacifier covered mouth, the shield covering her lips but not stopping the sound. She closed her eyes, expecting to feel her mess squish against her rear. She was almost going to cry before she actually hit the ground.

Except she didn’t.

“Sssssh, its okay, mama’s here. Open your eyes Octy, mommy’s got you.” Vinyl’s reassuring voice cooed to her in the gentle tone that seemed reserved just for her foal. “Gotcha, come on, up we get.”

Gently she eased Octy back up, her horn’s glow vanishing once she was stable. She helped Octy through the door into Octavia’s spotless bedroom, nuzzling her. Octy returned the gesture, cooing non-sensibly as she just pressed against Vinyl, hooves around her neck in a tight hug.

“Hey, I told you I was here, didn’t I?” Vinyl grinned, easing out of the hug to get the changing mat. She patted it and helped Octy lay down, making sure to do it softly and keep the foal’s weight off her diaper.

The onesie’s rear was opened and rolled back, then down came the plastic pants. The smell was contained by the diaper, one of the perks of the high quality that came from Amber’s All-Age Nursery, until Vinyl popped it open.

“Wowsa!” Vinyl rocked back, waving a hoof in front of her muzzle, trying to get the small away from her nostrils. “Octy’s a stinker all right!”

Octy blushed but a reassuring smile from mama told her it was just a joke. Vinyl made sure she didn’t give any sign about how icky it was right now, as she magically lifted up the wipes. But she had cleaned up messes as bad as this, and possibly worse, after big parties and a gew gigs that had gotten out of hoof. A lot of wipes were used. A lot. Vinyl was just glad they were going to the store tomorrow, because they were definitely not stocked up enough to survive another stink-bomb. The bulk of the mess was thrown in a plastic bag, summoned by Vinyl from another room, along with the wadded up wipes. She had been thorough, wiping up every trace and using a warm, moist hoof-towel to make sure Octy was clean but tomorrow Vinyl decided she was giving her little girl a bath before they went out. Octavia would have her head if she let her go out, all prissied up with her bowtie and all, with some crap on her butt.

The squeal when she started with the hoof-towel was worth any annoyance from Octy. She was perfectly clean now, but a bath never hurt. But right now it was bedtime.

Octy was soon wrapped in a soft, clean diaper and it was like heaven to her. She patted it through her onesie, smiling as she bounced on it while mama went away to dispose of the mess and put the diaper in the tiny laundry room. A room with just enough space for one pony, a washing machine and a clothes dryer were worth their weight in gold, at least to an Adult Foal. She was still playing with her diaper when Vinyl came back, the unicorn grinning.

“Guess that’s tonight drama done. Last night it was Lyra Bitchstrings, tonight it was this,” Vinyl chuckled. She patted the bed and let Octy get it before pulling the covers up. The doll Octy had been playing with appeared, Vinyl having grabbed it on her way back. She tucked it with her foal, enjoying the happy squeal she made and the hug Octy gave the toy as she beamed at her play-mother.

“Vinyl...” Octavia said around her pacifier, her smile wider than ever. “Thank you. So much.”

Smirking, Vinyl shrugged. She tried to pretend she wasn’t blushing. “Hey, it’s nothing. I enjoyed it too ya know, so it’s not like it’s all for you.” she teased, making sure the covers were tucked in tight before leaning forward and placing a motherly kiss on Octy’s forehead. “Night night Octy, mama will see you in the morning.”

Octy smiled back. “Night-night mama.” she cooed, snuggling down with her toy. She closed her eyes, only reopening them when the light was turned off and Vinyl was just visible in the light coming throught the door.

The mares exchanged smiles, both happy and both thankful for what they got to experience.


Several blocks away, Lyra wiped tears from her eyes. She shoved the box back into its spot, a wet cloth in her magic wiping from her rear the clinging powder.

“No no no no no!” she ranted, panting and shaking her head. “G-gotta be normal.” The unicorn sniffled, throwing the wet cloth away. Guilt ate away at her for what she had done, for what she had just spent the evening enjoying. It was wrong, she knew it, just plain wrong. Her desires were wrong, her wants were wrong, she was wrong.

Sobbing to herself Lyra curled up in bed. She knew even as she called herself names that she would go there again tomorrow for more. She had used up the last one, ripping it apart in a frenzy of guilt and self-loathing built up over years. Pillow over her head to muffle her sobbing, Lyra eventually fell asleep. Even in her dreams she heard the giveaway crinkling of them, and she hated herself for it.

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