I’ve heard the stories. Stories about the bride who plunged into a lake, clutching her new wedding ring.

I’ve heard about the man who found the woman’s corpse, bobbing just below the water’s surface. Heard how he pried the simple gold wedding band from her hands and made his way home.

I’ve heard about how he drowned himself in his bathtub, ring on his finger.

I’ve heard about how the paramedic had to cut his finger off to get the ring off. She had to have the ring. I’ve heard how she then drove her ambulance into the lake.

I’ve heard about this wicked ring. This simple band of gold. Simple, yet hauntingly beautiful. The ring that loves the water, yet drives people to possess it.

I just had to have that ring. Even if I had to pry it off a bloated corpse’s finger.

I’m writing this as a warning to everyone. I’ll continue in a bit. First, I think I’ll go swimming.

Credited to ClericofMadness 

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